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Remember -- September 11, 2001... What will you do TODAY to remember the acts committed against the innocent thousands?

16  years ago, four U.S. planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania killing 3,000 people in a matter of hours.

Without question, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, stunned our nation. We Americans acquired a newfound sense of our own vulnerability. We were swept away by a surge of patriotism – one that is built on instincts for self-defense, righteousness and the desire to bring to justice those responsible for that heinous attack of 9/11.

To this end, we took the fight to the enemy by invading Afghanistan and Iraq. We closed the noose on al-Queda cells in this country and, with the help of our allies, diffused some al-Queda operations overseas.

Over 3,900 American lives have been lost and tens thousands more wounded, in Iraq alone, in the global war on terror--so that countless Millions around the world can one day live in freedom and peace - Let us never forget

. . .Perhaps this year we will wake up and realize - all of the political bickering is aiding and abetting the enemy - encouraging them to commit more horrific acts of violence -

. . .The men and women serving in our military are the ones paying the ultimate price. - For those not with us today, May their soles rest in Peace - For those protecting us today, May God alway be at their side, Protect them and keep them safe - Let us Remember