Joseph P Kennedy Jr Post 11-11

Welcome to Post 11-11
9959 Wadsworth Blvd Broomfield, Colorado 80021

We are involved with many projects within our community and we support numerous projects nationally. We are all proud of our country and our flag for which it stands.

All members of The American Legion
once served this great nation in times of war.

Some are still serving today. Our members represent all branches of our mighty military force. We as individuals served in different capacities; some as grunts and some as officers. In the legion there is no rank in our membership. With all of us having different opinions, religions and political beliefs, we come together for a common bond, supporting patriotism, our community, state and nation and protecting our flag and the American Way of Life.

Our Post's early history tells us to be thankful for the Forty & Eight and their help in starting this Post. Although there are but a few members in our Post today, the Forty & Eight is an independent fraternal organization of U.S. Veterans formed in 1920 by American Legionnaires as an honor society. 40/8 membership is by invitation only for members of the American Legion who have shown exemplary service. {jb-January 2006}

There are many men who are members of, both, The American Legion and the Sons of The American Legion. Often, these individuals started out as young members of the Sons. Then, when they were old enough to serve the military, they also became eligible to join The Legion. Such individuals are known within our organization as dual members.

Donate to American Legion Post 11-11--Help us do more for veterans living within our community! (09-01-2005)
Contributions to Veterans' Organizations

1. IRC 170(c)(3) provides an income tax deduction for contributions to a post of "war veterans" if it is organized in the United States or any of its possessions, and no part of its net earnings inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. To qualify for deductibility of contributions, a veterans' organization may be exempt under IRC 501(c)(19) or any other appropriate section of the Code, but must also satisfy both a membership requirement and a purpose requirement.